Flotta R.O.V.



length 590 mm
width 560 mm
depth 450 mm
weight in air 40Kg

Structure / Frame and Fitting

Modular Chassis manufactured in high impact resistant Polypropylene. This material is totally maintenance free and non-corroding. Any chassis member can be easily replaced and all the additional equipment may be bolted directly onto. Stainless steel load frame and lift points, the pressure housing is manufactured in Aluminium Anticorodal 6060.

Control Unit and SCU / CPU

Pilot monitor and video recorder are fitted in 12U flightcase with the surface electronic control and power supply for vehicle.


The Colour camera 540 lines (low light auto-switch mode to BW) is fitted inside the electronic POD protected by an hemispherical PMMA high transparency dome.


The Ageotec video-overlay as standard provides digital compass value, date, time, tilt icon position, depth, CP probe value, navigation data input string.

Operating Depth

300 m

Hp and Propulsion

2 vertical oblique at 40° vectored and 2 longitudinal
vectored DC brushless thrusters (no particular maintenance
• Downward thrust 15 Kg
• Forward thrust 16 Kg
• Lateral Thrust 7 Kg


8 Kg; it can be increased to 10 Kg with optional buoyancy
Buoyancy and Ballast
n. 2 Encapsulated Polyurethane foam block

Power Requirements

200-240 VAC single fase
110 VAC or 400 VAC optional with external insulation
50/60 Hz 3.5 KW
(other standard on request)


2nd external camera
2 Function electric manipulator
Transponder installation kit
Contact CP Probe installation kit



Lunghezza 830 mm
Larghezza 630 mm
Altezza 450 mm
Peso 50 Kg in configurazione base


I contenitori della telecamera e dell’illuminatore sono costruiti inAlluminio Anticorodal ossicolorato, così come l’elettronica, la Fluxgate ed il Tilt sono alloggiati in contenitori dello stesso materiale. Al telaio portante, in Acciaio Inox, sono fissati i pannelli di Polypropylene H.D. che ne caratterizzano la struttura. I componenti sopradescritti danno al veicolo caratteristiche di solidità, resistenza ai fenomeni di corrosione
in acqua marina e scarsa necessità di manutenzione.

Caratteristiche tecniche e prestazioni

Unità di controllo di superficie

Costituita da un Joystick di tipo portatile per il pilotaggio del
veicolo e da due contenitori tipo flight-case da 9 e 12 unità
trasportabili e sovrapponibili in modo da essere facilmente
installati e fissati, le due casse contengono:


flight-case 9U – Trasformatore d’isolamento per l’alimentazione dell’unità di controllo di superficie e del veicolo, predisposto all’utilizzo di un ampio campo di alimentazioni (linea d’ ingresso). Unità di controllo composta da elettronica di gestione ed alimentazione del veicolo.

Flight-case 12U – Monitor 15” con videoregistratore. Alimentazione: 220-240 VAC 380-410 VAC singola fase 50/60 Hz 4 KW (altri standard a richiesta).

Profondità operativa

300 m


2 obliqui/verticali V 80° e 2 longitudinali producono le seguenti
• Discesa 15.0 Kg
• Salita 11.0 Kg
• Avanti 20.0 Kg
• Indietro 16.0 Kg
• Laterale 12.0 Kg


Sonar panoramico

Portata utile

7 Kg nella versione base
Velocità 1.5 – 2.0 Kn


Singolo blocco di PVC espanso reticolato



length 980 mm
width 710 mm
depth 510 mm
weight in air 80 Kg

Structure/frame and fitting

Modular Chassis manufactured in high impactresistant Polypropylene. This material it totally maintenance free and non-corroding. Any chassis member can be easily replaced and all the additional equipment may be bolted directly onto. Stainless steel
load frame and lift points, all pressure housing are manufactured in Aluminium Anticorodal 6060.

Operation depth

600 m

Hp and propulsion

2 vertical and 4 Tecnadyne 521 DC brushless thrusters (no particular maintenance required):
Downward thrust 22 Kg
Forward thrust 35 Kg
Lateral Thrust 25 Kg


Adjustable between Kg 8 and Kg 15


450 m, Ø 16.5 mm, on eletric winch, n.7 Power conductors, n. 4 Fibre Optic lines

Buoyancy and ballast

N°1 floating of Synthetic foam with apertures provided for sonar and acoustic positioning transponder.

U. water tools

manipulator/cable cutter


3 video-channels. Ageotec high resolution cameras Colour 86 is standard as well BW42.
2 x 150W lamps with joystick control intensify regulator.
Tilt with feedback position displayed on pilot monitor is standard a joystick potentiometer provides an accurate tilt angle.


Panoramic Sonar


Flux-gate compass unit with solid state rate gyro sensor provides high azimuth stability; electronic depth sensor;Auto-heading and Auto-depth functions are standard

Deployment system

Optional LARS and TMS Support ship requirements
Pilot monitor and video-recorder are fitted in 12U Flight-case. Ageotec video overlay as standard provides digital compass data, date time, tilt icon position depth, CP Probe or Metal detector value.
Vehicle equipment data may be exported to clients’ survey and navigation computer.
The surface electronic control and power supply for vehicle are fitted in 9U cabinet.

Vehicle power requirements

230÷400VAC single phase 50÷60Hz 6 KW


Crew 2

Additional data

SIT camera
Extra Colour or BW cameras
Dual head profiler
Bathymetric system
CP Probe
Underwater metal detector
Acoustic positioning system
Multifunction mini-manipulator
Special configuration to satisfy clients’ requirements