Subonica, in view of continued improvement in business management, in 2011 has adopted an INTERNAL QUALITY ASSURANCE SYSTEM.

Subonica’s main objective is customer satisfaction; this in achieved through established procedures in order to highlight in advance the best solutions for the development of work activities according to customers specifications.

The basic elements of this type of management are:

  • to define the parameters of the job by means of preliminary meetings.
  • use of standard systems during normal work activities.
  • preliminary analysis of possible non-compliance with internal audit.
  • alternative operational strategies evaluation in agreement with customer.

In order to ensure the best safety standards for its workers and most qualified services to its customers, Subonica has adopted as an integral part of its quality policy the HSE ( Health and Safety Executive ) activities.

The Operational Safety Plance are drown according to HSE specification for each work site.

Finally, all staff must work ensuring safety of both operations and environment as well as, of course, the quality of final product.